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Мебель роспись реставрация декор Ольга Родина ISBN 9785950020452

Практическое руководство Патина Потертости Золочение Трафарет Фактуры Кракле Декупаж

Цена: 900 руб

Цвет Е.А. Вязникова ISBN 9785740802190

Цветовое моделирование в дизайне и художественном творчестве

Цена: 1200 руб

Art & Techniques de la Dorure à Versailles Laurent Hissier, Daniel Sievert ISBN 9782851011572

Технология реставрации и золочения деревянных, каменных и гипсовых деталей

Цена: 7750 руб


Дизайн Всемирная история Элизабет Уилхьюд ISBN 9785934281084

История промышленного дизайна с указанием хронологии основных событий и факторов влияния

Цена: 2600 руб

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Antiques Encyclopedia edited by Judith Miller ISBN 9781784723651

Antiques Encyclopedia edited by Judith Miller

Hardback 2017 Edition
Hand Signed by Judith Miller to the Publisher's Bookplate
New and Unread

First published in 1998, Miller's Antiques Encyclopedia has sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide and been published into seven languages. This new edition includes a thoroughly updated directory, list of suppliers and up-to-date price codes. Compiled by an international team of over 40 consultants and writers, and offering clear and wide-ranging coverage of antiques and collectables, this book contains valuable information for both the enthusiast and the experienced dealer. An extensive glossary explains the terms used throughout the book and clear cross-referencing leads you into related areas of interest. All the traditional areas of collecting are featured, with extensive sections on furniture, ceramics, silver and glass. More specialist subjects, such as jewellery, scientific instruments and Oriental art are also included. Packed with absorbing and useful information, this is the definitive reference book on the subject.

About the Author:
Judith Miller began collecting in the 1960s while a student at Edinburgh University in Scotland. She has since extended and reinforced her knowledge of antiques through international research, becoming one of the world's leading experts in the field. In 1979 she co-founded the international best-seller Miller's Antiques Price Guide and has since written more than 100 books which are held in high regard by collectors and dealers. Judith Miller appears regularly on TV and radio. She is an expert on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow and has co-hosted the popular BBC series The House Detectives, ITV's Antiques Trail, and Discovery's It's Your Bid. She has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show and CNN. She is a regular lecturer and contributor to numerous newspapers and magazines, including the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, BBC Homes & Antiques and House & Garden. She has lectured extensively, including at the V&A in London and the Smithsonian in Washington.

Format: Hardback 2017 Edition
ISBN: 9781784723651

4200 руб  

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