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Курс лекций Надежды Бурлаковой-Елизаровой "Азбука архитектуры"

Открытое занятие – 15 апреля, 19:00. Вход свободный 22 апреля – 24 июня 2021 г. Музей архитектуры и дизайна ART Library


Выставка "Дерево+ Дом дача коттедж Ландшафт благоустройство"

20-22 мая 2021 Екатеринбург ул. Горького 4а


Курс лекции Елены Дудоровой про Bauhaus

14,21,28 января 4,11 февраля в 19.00 Art Library


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Каталог загружаемых сцен для 3ds MAX дизайн частных интерьеров в современном европейском стиле Interior Design model library 2017 3ds Max 6 DVD-ROM European style home ISBN 9787533552763

9700 руб

As a well-known decoration company, Guoguangyiye Decoration Group have acquired thousands of international, national and provincial design award such as "Top 50 architectural decoration company in China 2015", "The best design institutions of residential ornament industry in 2013", "Outstanding Interior Design Companies in China 2012-2013", "Top 10 Candlewood Design Companies in China 2012", "2012 China top 10 Hotel Design Institutions"

Since 2004, Guoguangyiye has published  thirteen series of books on design model database.

This new series consists of over 1900 chic 3ds Max scenario models of varios style interior designs/

The enclosed CD contains original 3ds Max models of decoration effect drawings and all the map files used in order to create them.

Due to the continuous upgrading of 3ds Max software, version 2014 was adopted in the drawing of these models which are arranged in the order of the pictures to make them easily accessible. Since as only models  that can be further adjusted are valuable, the 3ds Max mouds provided are all of true value and readily available.

It should be noted that, all the effect drawings in the books are pictures rendered by lightscape and deal by Photoshop, to give an intuitive and precise reference for readers on the after effects which are different from those rendered directly by 3ds Max.

The design concept of the book is new, the design style is diversified, the design method is rich and new; the number of the 3ds Max scene model in the CD-ROM corresponds to the number of the effect map in the book, which is easy for the reader to consult and call directly. The adjustment of their own works.


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